Unleash The Windsurfer In You At Australia

Windsurfer In Australia

Out of all the major tourist attractions that are there in the amazing country of Australia, windsurfing is one of the best that you should not miss. Just like any of the other windsurfing locations in the world like Spain, Greece and Italy, Australia also has its own set of windsurfers who come and enjoy doing it year after year. The great windsurfing culture welcomes all the tourists with open hands.

Windsurfing in Australia is using seen and is concentrated in the western parts. The longest coastline in the world can surely be one of the best windsurfing venues. The strong winds that are there in Australia, the high tides and the beauty of the place is what makes windsurfers from all over the world to come and camp here. Lancelin which is situated to the north of Perth, Margaret River – situated in the south of Perth, Coronation beach – Geraldton, Cervantes and Jurien Bay are some of the famous windsurfing locations in the northern part of Australia that are loved and visited by many.

As for the southern region, New South Wales has some good spots for windsurfing as well. Botany Bay which is located a little far away from Sydney offers windsurfing on flat waters. Nerrebeen Lakes are also a good windsurfing place that can be chosen for beginners as it can be done in shallow waters.

The windsurfing calendar in Australia is filled with activity all through the year. Both the winters and the summers attract people to this location so that they can unleash the windsurfer in them even though there are many more tourists in the summers. One major advantage in Australia is that the summer is between November and March which is the time that it would be freezing in the Northern hemisphere. Well would you like to go for windsurfing during your Christmas holidays? Then, Australia is the place that you have to be in. A lot of events are also held in Australia like slalom, racing, wave surfing and racing; the major events being the Lancelin Ocean Classic and the Longboard Festival.

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