Living With The White Noise Using Air Conditioning In Brisbane

Australia is seeing a steady rise in the use of air conditioners in the last 10 years. Over 650,000 residential air conditioners are sold in Australia annually and this figure will continue to rise. Noise is an integral part of our society today. With the increased standards of living, there is more noise being produced by residential air conditioning. We can’t escape noise completely. We need to manage and regulate our noise levels for our towns and cities to grow in a healthy way. It’s always a good idea to look for a decent local air conditioning company like Aircon Lab, before doing anything yourself. Environmental health is greatly enriched if there is lesser environmental noise. If you supply, install or maintain residential air conditioning systems in Brisbane, excess noise production is definitely a problem for you to consider. Responsible citizens should follow the well researched guidelines that are recommended by town planning authorities.

How does air conditioner noise affect us?

Too much loud noise can significantly impact our health and well being by disturbing and preventing sleep, communication and relaxation. Noise can also affect our stress levels, performance and learning. The factors mentioned can affect the level of annoyance experienced by a person:

  • how intense the noise level is
  • whether it’s a drone, a siren, a screech
  • how frequently it occurs
  • how long the noise is heard
  • what time of the day it is prevalent
  • the tolerance level of different people

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