How to make your Website Work for the UK market

Many businesses today have ventured into the convenience and cost efficiency of taking your business online. For some, this is the most convenient solution to rising cost of business operations including rent, utilities, and workforce. The internet almost solves all of these problems because you can still operate your business without paying the rent for a physical shop or paying the salaries of the employees required to man it. How is this possible? Use a website.

A website is like a page designated for you on the internet. It ca be accessed using a domain name or website address that is unique to you and your business. The page depending on how you want to use it can serve as your inquiry desk where you can interact with your customers and make an initial sales pitch. It can also be used as an online store where you can accept orders and process payments. This way you can convert your website into a money making the machine.

This is not all there is to achieving marketing success with your site. Many businesses have spent a lot to have their website designed and put on the internet only to find microscopic returns coming from it. Here are some of the things you need to remember to make your site run the cash for you.

Find a great UK web hosting provider

This is, I think, one the most overlooked steps in the whole digital process. People tend to not think too much about which UK web hosting company to choose, while they really should consider all the options as much as they can. A bad web host can cost you thousands in lost revenue due to slow loading times, downtimes, bad security, etc. Personally, I feel that the reason for this is that people don’t understand all the lingo and hosting terminology used in the UK web hosting industry. Things like SSD vs HD, CPU resources, bandwidth, SSL, traffic, add-on and sub-domains. To fully understand what each web host is offering, you’ll need to do the research and familiarise yourself with these terms. Luckily for us though, there are quite a few bloggers out there that have already done all the hard work and come up with handy comparisons for the top UK web hosts. These lists, while not perfect, will definitely make the research easier, saving you not only time, but usually also cost as they come with discounts and coupons for the web hosts they recommend!

Market your Site

A website is a marketing tool but when you are just about to get started you need to let the people know, or your target consumers know that there is such as site and how they can access it. You can use your social media accounts or post your link on related blogs and forums.


Ever heard about search engine optimization? If you have not then you are missing out on a lot. SEO is what makes your site searchable to search engines such as Google. If you do not optimize your site, it may never appear as a result even if the keywords are related to the products that you or your business is selling. To bridge this gap, an SEO expert can help you to get up to speed with everything that is missing on your website.

Efficient Design

The design and flow of your site should be easy for your customers. When a site is too complex, your potential customers will just brush through it and hit the close button. Make sure that the design of your site is enticing and that it can encourage you to look for more information. The options for users to make a purchase in your site should be visible and easy to find. This is the feature that will start the cash coming in.

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