Don’t Miss Out These Top 10 Attractions In Australia

Attractions In Australia

There are so many beautiful things that are there in this world and Australia is said to be one of the best and most beautiful countries that one can visit. There are so many top attractions that you will just be confused as to which one to see and which to miss. To make things easy for you, here are the top ten attractions in Australia that you should not miss.

1. Great Barrier Reef: One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and is probably one of the well known and protected ones in the whole wide world. Its massive area spreads over eighty six million acres along the North eastern coast. This great tourist attraction hosts over a thousand different species of fishes. In addition to the sheer beauty of this place, there are about thirty shipwrecks that are said be of historical importance.
2. Opera House at Sydney: Right from the day of its opening, Sydney Opera House has been the main attraction in Australia. The marvellous architecture is quite evident of the amazing talent that the architects and builders had making this a must-see attraction in Australia.
3. Harbour Bridge at Sydney: Most popularly known as the Coat Hanger, the Harbour Bridge is an absolute spectacle that has to be seen with your own eyes. If you are brave enough, the bridge climb is as exciting as any adventure sports that are available today.
4. Fraser Island: Considered to be one of the largest sand islands in the world, Fraser Island became a UNESCO world heritage site in the early 1990’s. The beauty of it lies in the lush green forests, sand cliffs and the plenty of lakes that you can spot. Four hundred acres of wonderful sightseeing will surely leave you mesmerised.
5. National Art Gallery: Most of the best collections that are available in Australia can be found here. There is said to be more than hundred thousand works that were created by artists all over the globe.
6. Scenic Blue Mountains: You have to see it to believe it. Be it the journey in the steepest railway trip in the world, the steepest cable car of all times or the excitement of moving around in the glass floored cable car, you will just enjoy every bit of it.
7. Sydney Tower: The Amp tower in Sydney is also one of the tallest buildings in the city. The view of the harbour from this high point is nothing but astounding.
8. Kakadu National Park: This is again one of the most well known and popular heritage sites in the world. Aboriginals are still living there and maybe you can spot some of them.
9. Uluru Kata Juta National Park: The Ayres Rock stretches more than two miles, is at more than a thousand feet in height and no prices for guessing that it is in fact the largest rock in the world.
10. Arthur Port: This is the place which used to serve as a prison in the mid nineteenth century. Now it is one of the well known tourist spots with special guided tours and cruises.

There are many more lovely places in Australia that have not made it to this list. I have only put together the most important attractions that you should visit. Feel free to add some suggestions.

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  1. thomas

    What about watching the kangaroos and the koalas? That is the best part that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world. We even got to saw two kangaroos fighting in the residential areas and I should tell that they are HUGE!


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