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Australia And Its Environmental Issues

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The hole in the ozone layer is one thing that most of us have heard about Australia. Not many of us know about the other main environmental issues in this country, the top five are discussed here.

Coal Usage
Coal mining is one of the major controversial issues that is troubling Australia for a long time. Many environmentalists complain that the burning of coal could be one of the major reasons for global warming but we cannot deny the fact that coal has been the reason for building the infrastructure that is prevalent even today. Many people still think that Australia has enough infrastructures to create energy from alternate resources that will not have any effect on the environment.

Change In Climate
Many studies have shown that the planet’s environment has become much warmer than ever before and the rate of increase is very high in comparison to what was predicted by many scientists. The changes in climate and the rising water levels in Australia is one of the major concerns for environmentalists.

Out of all the other environmental issues that are haunting Australia, this is one of the worst that can be. The number of trees that have been cut down every year is causing a great threat to the balance in there. There are so many unchecked deforestations that are happening without the knowledge of the government. This has been and is causing a great threat to the nation and its natural resources that are being depleted.

Not many of us are aware that Australia is only the second continent after Antarctica in terms of the lowest amount of water content available in the lands. The water security issues have been going on for quite some time now and there have been big fights by farmers, politicians and environmentalists about this and still this has not been addressed. Some of the companies have taken up the initiative to drive and make this happen but it will take a long time for this environmental issue to be fully addressed.

Quality of Air
The pollution levels are pretty high in Australia just like any of the other countries in the globe. The quality of air in the urban areas is pretty bad due to the large number of automobiles that are being used, the waste generated from industries and the by-products of the large amount of pesticides and herbicides that are being produced.

There are a lot of ways and measures that are being put in to address these major environmental issues and we hope and pray that it can all make the change that is required and make Australia a better place to live in.

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How To Crack The Immigration And Get Into Australia

Australia airport

Have you thought about immigrating into Australia? Have you been wondering as to how that would be possible? Getting immigration to Australia is not a tough process if you are able to be prepared with all the necessary documents. Firstly, you need to educate yourself about it in order to crack it. Here are some tips that can help you to crack the immigration and get into Australia.

There are so many ways in which you can start. The economy in Australia is doing pretty well and the companies there are constantly on the lookout for skilled manpower. So, the first thing to do is to catch hold of a very experienced and skilled immigration consultant who can make the job easy for you.

Skilled visa is something that is given to people who are skilled enough to make a positive contribution to the country. In order to apply for this type of visa, you need to pass through the points system that is a standard that is set by the local immigration office. Once you are eligible for the criteria, then you can apply for this visa.

Australian working visa is the next that we are going to look into. Professionals, managers and other skilled people who are working for any organization can apply for this visa. The visa can be given for a permanent or temporary stay depending on the purpose of the visit. In case you are planning to travel for a conference or seminar, only temporary visas which would last about three months are given. In case you are travelling for work, then longer duration visas would be given.

Working Holiday Visa is something that means what the name says. This can give you permission to work as well as to have a holiday in Australia. There are many types available in this also and the visa is decided solely on the purpose of the visit, days of stay, the sponsor, etc.

Visa for visiting family members is also another type of visa that is being used by many. If you have a spouse who is Australian, or any other member of the family who is settled down in Australia, then you can apply for this visa. The migrant has to be sponsored by the family member who is living in Australia.

Visitors and Tourist visas are given to all travellers in the world except for citizens of New Zealand who have to get a travel authority. Many people prefer to do this by applying online which is much faster and hassle free as well.

The other types of visas that are available are the business visa, Australia sponsored work visa and retirement visa. Each is catered only to some particular segment of people. If you are eligible, you can apply your visa under this category and enjoy your wonderful stay in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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The Five Varied Climates In Australia

Climates In Australia

The land filled with many cultures and umpteen tourist attractions, Australia is one of the best countries that can be. There are so many tourists from all over the world who are visiting this place so that they can experience this wonderful place. This continent has many climatic zones, at least five of them that are worth discussing.
· Tropical Climate: This is the climate that is usually found in the north western and the northern parts of the country. The typical dry winters and hot summers can be experienced here. The monsoon rains are most likely to be in the summers only which is usually between the months of November and March every year.
· Equatorial Climate: The north eastern tip of the country experiences such a climate. It is quite hot all through the year accompanied with heavy rainfall which occurs at almost all the months of the year. The humidity quotient is all pretty high all through the year. Since you will be sweating too much, you might easily get tired if you are not compensating your body with enough fluids.
· Mediterranean Climate: This type is mostly prevalent in the south western parts of Australia. It is quite like the climate that one could often experience in the Mediterranean regions, which is very hot and dry summers and extremely cold winters.
· Desert Climate: This climate is also found in Australia. Just like we all know about the other desert climates over the world, it is extremely hot and dry in the summers and the winters are much cooler in comparison. The total rainfall is not more than two hundred and fifty mm in a year. Since there is not much rainfall, you can hardly see any trees or bushes for many miles.
· Temperate Climate: South eastern part of Australia experiences this climate. There are no extreme temperatures. Warm summers and cool winters are the only difference in whether that can be stated. Rainfall is available all through the year and hence this is said to be one of the most pleasant climates which the reason why it is home to a lot of tourists destinations. Sydney falls under this climatic area.

Knowing about the climatic areas would help you in deciding which time of the year you can travel to which particular location and make your plans in such a way that you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

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