Car Crazy Country

Car Crazy Country australia

Australia is said to be a car crazy country. For many decades, there have been numerous debates about this topic but the fact still remains that all Australian nationalists are complete car freaks and they cannot bear any kind of damages made to their car. There is a well known thought that most people refer to their car as their first wife. I am not sure about other countries, but this is a hundred percent true when it comes to those in Australia.

The real car culture in this amazing country started as early as the nineteen fifties. This was the time when many cars made their entry into Australia as the population was settling in after the end of the Second World War. A lot of new building came up and the cities of Melbourne and Sydney grew by leaps and bounds. This was the period when the affluent people of the middle class started getting home their cars. The car was a status symbol and many people were aspiring to get one for them.

The Holden Ford rivalry is something that is a well known fact in Australia. Both the giant car companies, Holden was a local Aussie Car company and Ford has their big and tough steel card and were fighting it out to take the major share in the car market. Even though both these brands had cars that came out with funny designs, they were very sturdy and worth every penny spent on them. Both these companies were the major car manufacturers and hence every launch triggered another launch from the other company. The same culture of sticking to the sturdy and long lasting engines is still prevalent in Australia immaterial of the colour and shape of the car.

Some European cars made their entry into Australia later on which made some people take a second look and made some even buy those. Later the entry of the Hyundai and Mitsubishis only made more choices for the citizens and diluted the demand of native Australian cars. Still, as long as we have native Australians in there, the car culture will not change much.

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